Arduino datalogger with DHT11, SD Card, I2C LCD and RTC (english)

This is one of my next posts in english and I’m starting to apologize for my bad spelling. Anyways let’s talk about serious stuff.
Some time ago I’ve found an interesting instructable about temperature data logging. As I had some of the parts laying around my desk and with the occasion of making the Universal Shield, I told to myself why not making an Arduino clock with date, temperature and humidity with data logging function?…

So I’ve modified the original code from Instructables by adding a different LCD library to be able to use my i2c 16×2 LCD, and by adding the DHT11 library for obvious reasons.

Instead of a hall sensor I’ve used a simple button with a pull-up resistor to turn on the backlight of the LCD for few seconds.

The rest of details can be found on the video bellow and the sketch and libraries can be downloaded from HERE (just there!)

What you see bellow is a graph with all the recorded values, both temperature and relative humidity and if you watch closely, in the last part of the recording the humidity rises to 70%… I know it might sound stupid but at that time I had fever because I’ve got some sort of cold, so you know how it feels…

grafic temperatura umiditate

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  1. Dear friend: Sorry, but I’ve tried to follow the link you named as „HERE”, in order to get your code and libraries, but I just get the message from Box: „The item you’re trying to access has been deleted or is unavailable to you”. I’m not sure, but probably it is a matter of sharing permission on your Box settings.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your message. I think you should make an account or something on because it happened to me either. Anyways you should check now because I’ve updated the link and everything should be just fine I guess.. If there’s any problem don’t forget to send me a comment and I will give you a reply in my spare time! Cheers!

  2. Thanks for posting this great data logger project, I’m a newbie but have got it working with your instructions, I would like to alter the code so I can get values every few seconds, do you have the time to make an instructable about how to alter this project to suit different needs?

  3. Hey bro ! pretty nice work on this project, exactly what I was looking for at the moment, but… I can’t get the files on, it says it has been deleted 😥 can you please re-upload it or maybe email it ?
    Thanks !

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