Happy New Year!

RO: Pentru ca mai sunt doar cateva ore pana la trecerea in noul an, va urez tuturor sa aveti multa sanatate, multa fericire si multe realizari si va multumesc inca odata ca ati apreciat postarile de pe aceasta pagina. A fost un an cam ciudat din punct de vedere personal si spre rusinea mea nu am prea avut nici timpul si nici dispozitia necesare pentru a realiza proiecte in mod constant. Sper ca anul urmator sa fie unul bun pentru realizarea de proiecte cat mai interesante si utile. La multi ani tuturor!

EN: Because there are only few hours left from this year, I wish you all strong healt, happiness and a lot of accomplishments and thank you so much for the interest on this page. It was a rather weird year for my personal life and I didn’t had the time and/or the proper mood to make projects constantly. I hope that the next year would be a good one for interesting and useful projects. Happy New Year!

Wireless remote control to IoT (part 2)

Hey! I’ve managed to modify the remote control, reverse engineered in the PART 1 . The modification consists in soldering some wires to the coresponding pins of the IC, adding a homemade connector to the remote, and cutting a rather rectangular hole for that connector on the back side of the remote case. After getting the black connector through that back  half of the case, I’ve fixed everything in place using hot glue. The next part it’s gonna be a video with a short test of the remote, controlled from the exterior using a relay board. Thanks!

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Wireless remote control to IoT (part 1)

After a looooong time of pause ( sorry for that…job and family issues, you get the idea), I’m back with a reverse engineering article of a radio remote control from a wireless socket kit (!like this one!) I’ve puchased a while ago to make my life easier. As having a rather messy working desk, it’s killing me inside when I have to turn on or off my desk lamp (the base of the lamp where’s the power button it’s hidden after tools and stuff) so a remote control it’s really welcomed.

2015-12-10 16.53.05

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