Wireless remote control to IoT (part 1)

After a looooong time of pause ( sorry for that…job and family issues, you get the idea), I’m back with a reverse engineering article of a radio remote control from a wireless socket kit (!like this one!) I’ve puchased a while ago to make my life easier. As having a rather messy working desk, it’s killing me inside when I have to turn on or off my desk lamp (the base of the lamp where’s the power button it’s hidden after tools and stuff) so a remote control it’s really welcomed.

2015-12-10 16.53.05

After fiddling around with the system for few months, I thought ‘why on Earth should I let the remote control in its original state and not hacking inside of it to connect everything to the IoT world?’. So, today I’ve managed to gather some courage and get inside of the remote to see if I can find something useful and the result it’s on the following pictures.

2015-12-10 16.16.17

As I’ve been expecting, there are some traces on the surface of the PCB that connects all the 8 buttons to the main chip, which BTW has no name written on it. To make myself an idea about which traces go where, I’ve made a schematic on paper and it looks like I don’t need to destroy the whole PCB to control the chip from the outside of the remote. My idea is to solder some wires to each pin of the chip and then to make a homemade connector for those wires in order to be able to control the remote control without touching any button. But that it’s the subject for another article. 🙂 2015-12-10 16.43.25


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