How to design a sphere with spiral grooves on the surface (Fusion360 tutorial)

A friend of mine requested a design of a sphere with spiral grooves on the surface. Designing weird parts it’s not my usual activity on Fusion 360, but I am open to challenges, so I’ve started to play in Fusion. The result looks like bellow…

12 (1)

The steps are presented bellow:

  1. Now, first thing is to select Model, and select CREATE – Sphere (60mm in diameter) with the center at 80-100mm above the origin(XYZ:0.0).
  2. We select FRONT view plane and draw a line right in the middle of the created sphere.2
  3. Stop SKETCH and select CREATE – Coil, select the plane bellow the sphere and design a coil with the following details:3 (1)
  4. Select PATCH mode, select 2 of the 3 faces of the newly created coil and delete them. This makes the view less crowded.
  5. Select SKETCH -> Project/Include -> Include 3D Geometry, select the base plane like in step 3, and then check one spiral of the coil (interior or exterior) -> STOP Sketch.
    After doing that the selected spiral will have a purple-ish color and you’ll know that is what you want.
  6. Select a face of the remaining coil + the small triangles from the both ends of the coil and delete them all. The result shall look like bellow 6 (1)
  7. Select CREATE -> Loft and select the spiral line created at step 6 and the line created at step 2. The result shall look like bellow
    7 (1)
  8. Select MODEL mode -> MODIFY -> Split Face, select Faces to Split and select the spiral face created at step 7, and the Splitting Tool should be the actual face of the sphere.
  9. Select the spiral face and delete it. The result shall look like bellow9 (1)
  10. Once again, we have to go to SKETCH -> Project/Include -> Include 3D Geometry and select the spiral from the surface of the sphere. The result shall look like bellow10 (1)
  11. Select the spiral line from the face of the sphere and then go to CREATE ->Pipe and use whatever value you want as a Section Size. I’ve used 5mm.11 (1)
  12. Now If you want to make the sphere more smooth, if I can say so, you can use the command MODIFY -> Fillet, select the edges of the groove and play with the values.
    After adding some texture the result looks like this.12


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